January 21, 2021

Specializing in designing and manufacturing digital water heat pump controls; we hope you'll join us to choose all new idea high efficiency products for your applications.

Tempercon control systems reduce power bills by ensuring that water are only heated or cooled when you need them to be. High efficiency means low running costs and a cleaner environment.

Tempercon offer you high quality products at lowest cost. All products and accessories have been organized and are suitable for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes.  

Select the product category to learn more about our innovative products that make digital water heat pump controls simpler and energy efficient.  

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  • Temperature Controller  
  • Heat Pump Controller 
  • Refrigeration System Controller 
  • Water Chillers Controller  
  •  Auto Heat & Chill Controller 
  • Dehumidifier Controller   
  • Solar Water Heater Controller 
  • Defrost and De-ice Controller 
  • Heat Pump Outdoor Unit Controller 
  • Microcomputer Thermostat   

    • Water Flow Switch
    • Solenoid Valve   
    • Heat Exchanger 
    • Radiator  
    • Circulation Pump  
    • Swimming Pool Pump  
    • Aquarium Pump         
    • Fountain Pond Pump  
    • Magnetic Pump 
    • Booster Pump